Free Tutorial – Sparkle Kitty

What you’ll need to make one:
::  2.5 x 4 inch felt for main body                            ::  1 x 1 inch glitter felt or coloured felt for bow
::  2 x 7.5mm safety eyes                                       ::  4 – 5 tiny flat backed Swarovski crystals
::  Embroidery thread/floss                                     ::  Metallic embroidery thread (optional)                          ::  Disappearing ink marker                                    ::  Ruler
::  Clear drying craft glue                                        ::  Flat toothpick
::  Embroidery scissors                                           ::  Sewing needles and pins
::  Pink coloured pencil                                           ::  Tweezers
::  Polyfil                                                                ::  Orange stick or chopstick for stuffing
::  Optional:  awl, wire cutters, sticky-back googly eyes (1 each of 7.5mm and 10mm), brooch pin post, key chain, barrette with holes.

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