Day to Night-Light Skirt

For the Skirt

  • Two tutus – I used a white tutu underneath and a light lavender one on top because I liked the effect of the two colors together. You can also just create your own by following an Instructable like this one, or this other one.
  • 1 1/2 yards of a sheer fabric with an embroidered pattern like this floral organza to create a silhouetted overlayer
  • 1 yard of a wide decorative elastic for the waistband
  • About half a yard of white faux fur to diffuse the lights
  • 2 yards of 1″ wide ribbon or strap in a white or light color
  • 12 small sew-on snaps
  • Some sturdy white fabric or thin leather to create a battery case
  • Rivets to construct your battery pocket (optional)
  • A sewing machine
  • White thread and hand sewing needle
  • Pins
  • An xacto knife
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper

For the Lights:

  • 1 1/2 yards of 60/meter rgb addressable side emitting LED strip
  • A Cool Neon Total Control Lighting remote controlled LED Symphony driver chip – this tiny chip is a great way to control LEDs if you don’t want to bother with trying to program your own microcontroller. It comes pre-loaded with 300 LED programs and works with any WS2811 or WS2812 LED strip. You can control the programs with a remote, increase or decrease the speed of a pattern, and dim or brighten the lights when they are set to a single color. The programs are mostly scrolling linear effects, and in order for the remote to function properly, you need a 5V power source that can put out at least 2 amps, so there are some limitations, but it’s still a great way to drive your LEDs. If your want more control over your programs, you could use any small microcontroller like an Adafruit Gemma or a DF Robot Beetle.
  • A 5V battery with an amp output of 2 amps or above, and at least 5000 milli-amp hour capacity like this external cell phone battery pack.
  • A USB Cable
  • Wire for connecting your LEDs
  • Small and large heat shrink tubing
  • A wire stripper/cutter
  • A soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • A heat gun, blowdryer or lighter

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